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Located in the heart of the Longleaf and Slash Pine rich Coastal Plain, Beadles Lumber Company produces some of the finest Southern Yellow Pine lumber in the country.  A large percentage of this timber is extremely dense and straight grain offering high strength characteristics for truss quality. 

Beadles Lumber Company proposed from the start to put up a product that was not just on grade, but 100% usable by the customer.  “Our customer base is sixty percent retail dealers, so we have always put up a low wane and straight product line coupled with fast delivery,” says Sales Manager Joe Castleberry.  Running only one shift in our sawmill and planer mill allows even closer monitoring by graders, quality control personnel, and management.  All sales and shipping are handled on site making for immediate response time to needs or questions of the customer.  

Beadles Lumber Company strives to be the best supplier of dimension lumber, studs, kiln dried southern yellow pine.  


Founding Member: Southeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association


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Since 1948

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