MSR - It's not just for trusses anymore

Many of you know MSR started out as a structural truss grade in the mid-1970s. The idea was to provide accurate strength and bending information.  This allowed designers and builders to end up with an effective, safe product without having to over-engineer the truss by adding unnecessary webbing. With our combination of strict visual rules, MSR from Beadles Lumber Company has become a preferred product for any number of applications that require both great appearance and structural integrity.

Exposed trusses have always been a natural fit for Beadles MSR, but it's the non-truss applications that have come on strong in the past few years. Graded and stamped for #1 wane gives you the confidence of a better looking product.  Many customers have switched from traditional visual grades, finding our product is a better fit for a variety of uses.

Bull-nose decking from our 2x6 and 2x8 #1W MSR makes a stronger more stable deck than 5/4 products. Using MSR instead of 5/4 is often less expensive. It also eliminates worries over safety issues for large crowds and heavy loads. Remanufacturing customers use our product for everything from deck spindles and hand rails to lobster traps. The straight, dense grain of Longleaf and Slash SYP yields outstanding components. Laminated beams out of our MSR help grace the interior of exceptional auditoriums, remarkable stables, and elegant churches. Golf courses, marinas, and parks build distinguished walkways and bridges that make people take notice. Our MSR was even used on the renovation of the historic pier where our nation had the original tea party in Boston.

Whether your need calls for exposed interior or pressure treated exterior application, give our #1W MSR a try. Look for our mill SPIB stamp No. 205 to ensure it looks and performs above your expectations.

In 2013 we upgraded our MSR machine to a new Ecoustics Grader. The “Thumper” as it is commonly called uses sound waves, weight scales, and... a little bit of math to predict an estimated MOE (E) value for each piece. If it meets a certain threshold that piece becomes an MSR candidate which is then marked by one of our certified graders, after trim as either MSR 2400 or one of our visual grades.   Samples of all MSR are subjected to proof load testing every four hours and must pass established strength levels before that days production is cleared to ship.  This elaborate process, along with regular third party inspection of both lumber and testing records, gives you the confidence of predictable, accurate strength values.

Check out this link to SYP Design Values and see how our MSR 2400 stacks up